Water Heater Safety Features

Immersion water heater
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Today’s water heaters are designed to be safe and long lasting. Here are 4 of the most common water heater safety features.

Water Pressure Relief Valve

One of the most important safety features on a water heater are the pressure relief valves. If the water pressure in the tank gets too high, these valves will shut off the flow of water.

Water Heater Temperature Valve

Of course you want your water heater to make hot water. But you don’t want your water heater to produce scalding hot water. Especially in homes with children or the elderly. Make sure your water heater repairman sets the correct limitations on your Temperature Control Valve.

Controlling Bacteria

Controlling bacteria in your water heater brings us back to temperature. If you set your temperature to low while trying to prevent scalding you can inadvertently create a breeding ground for bacteria like Legionella pneumophila, which cause Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal lung infection. To prevent the growth of this and other bacteria make sure your water heater repairman sets the temperature to above 120 degrees Fahrenheit but below scalding temps.

Backflow Tank and Preventer

Backflow is what happens when your main tank overflows and causes the flow of water to reverse flow back into your water supply. To prevent this make sure you have a Backflow Tank and/or Preventer installed.


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