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One of the hottest investment markets right now is the cannabis industry. Despite years of progress, the cannabis industry still has a dark veil surrounding it for many investors. This fact leads to a market that is less saturated than other rapidly growing investment trends.

That’s not to say it’s a walk in the park. Licensing is limited in many regions and is filled with what seems like miles of red tape. Then there is zoning and finding locations where the locals are open minded and you won’t face yourself with a local ordinance changing and putting a wrench in your plans.

That’s why it’s so important to find a cannabis investment broker to either break into the industry or to see the rapid growth that it promises. A cannabis investment broker can help you find the I502 cannabis license that is right for you.

I502 Cannabis Licenses

Cannabis Producer License

A Washington I502 cannabis producer license grants the licensee the right to produce, harvest, trim, dry, cure, and package for sale to other producers or processors.

Cannabis Processor License

A Washington I502 cannabis processor license grants the licensee the right to produce, dry, cure, package, and label cannabis for sale to other processors or retailers.

Cannabis Retail License

A Washington cannabis retail license grants the licensee the right to sell usable flowers, concentrates, infused products and paraphernalia.

To find out which of the I502 Cannabis Licenses is right for you we recommend you contact a cannabis investments broker.

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